Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is it camp or is it cosmic?

What does Cthulhu mean to you?

I stumbled upon that name when I got my hands on a very old edition of AD&D's monster manual.  The idea of some cosmic monstrosity just... appealed to me.

Later I actually read H.P Lovecraft's works.  I came away with a new idea of what real horror should be.

Even to this day, stupid little Hollywood slasher flicks and the drek they crank out via Saw after Saw (Torture Porn as one friend called it) hold absolutely no appeal for me at all.  I'll take madness with a side order of human meaninglessness and some truly cosmic beings with awe and wonder to drink.

Of course now I see Cthulhu just about everywhere... case in point, South Park's last few episodes.

Now I like the pop images of Cthulhu, and it's good to see him and the Mythos used in many ways, but still I wonder... 

Perhaps this is just the silly little DM story driven mind going on here, but I wonder...  with all the images of the master of R'hyleh about...  That if we are not being prepped in some diabolical way for Dead Cthulhu to awaken?  Ia Ia Cthulhu Fthagen...  *Shrugs*  And the scary thing is?  I'd still rather take that evidence of otherworldly beings and elder Gods than hear one more minute of all this stupid 2012 stuff!!

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