Monday, November 15, 2010

Head-shaped dents in my desk... getting deeper all the time.

First off let me say that I love the idea of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  I do, I really do, but as it has in almost every past year I have tried...  I have stalled out due to both issues in real life (RL), and sudden roadblocks of writer's block from hell. 

I'll skip the RL issues for matters of privacy and move onto the writer's block.  Part of the issue there comes from the fact that I swap attention spans between a Zen monk on some days and a chipmunk on crack on others.  The block does not come from any lack of ideas, but often it comes down to an overabundance of things I'd like to write that get about half formed before I get distracted by something shiny.

Let me give you an example.  Currently my wife and I have 2 novels that are stalled midway through (because of me I'll fully admit).  The first is a book that focuses on a young girl and her adventures with the Unseelie Fae.  The second is a Sci-Fi work that deals with humanity coming into contact with an alien race who's entire technological focus for their civilization lies in biology and bio-tech.

On my own I have a fantasy/steampunk book I've been toying with on and off constantly.  I have gutted it and re-started it twice now, and am firmly stalled again.  In the meantime I'm working on ideas for pen and paper campaigns, skype games, and short stories.  All of which get about partway done before I realize 1) my skype group does not meet that often and I actually had to drop from 2 others and 2) I only do short pen and paper games for the gaming group on campus.

I need to pick a work and focus on it, but how can I do that when I love them all?  I get wrapped up in each story and come to know the characters very well, which I guess is the point for me as an author... to know my characters so well as to see the world though their points of view. 

And now...  Well I want to try my hand at podcasting.  I have an idea for a show that ties directly into my steampunk book and have even sent out initial ideas to some trusted friends who do podcasts of their own for advice.  The advice?  GO FOR IT!

And so the dents get deeper as I try to figure out what to focus on now.

Anyone know a good, reliable, and CHEAP site for hosting a podcast? 

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