Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Game Time

So it's Friday, which means I'm going to be running my QAGS game again this afternoon.  To continue where I left off from last week, the players had just discovered what was killing the cattle on a large ranch.  It was a massive (200+ft) black skinned monster (It's a Japanese Oni but the players don't know that yet)!  After some fun and gruesome descriptions of what it did to the cattle (like pulling off the heads to add to its necklace, and biting the stomach of one cow to suck out its intestines like spaghetti) we had to end the game last time.

However, last session the players set up an "ambush" for whatever was killing the cattle by subtly poisioning one of the cattle with a strain of infectious virus (*sniff* I'm so proud of my students).  The problem is,  and what I REALLY should have thought of before now, the virus was "bought" by the medic for a (ONE) yum-yum...  and she explicitly stated she wanted... EbolaWHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?  One yum-yum for frigging E. bola?!?  I goofed there, I really did.  I made that way too damn cheap and didn't really think about why a medic in the middle of a steampunk old-west would be carrying around a vial of E. bola

So, my challenges for today's session:
1) Figure out what the hell E. bola does to an Oni
2) Get the PLAYER of the medic to explain why she was carrying around deadly viral strains.

Hey... it's HER character, so she should be the one to justify it.  I'm not going back on giving it to her or saying she can't do it again, but I am going to make her flesh out her character more to see why her medic did it!  Should be interesting all around.

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